2020 Curator

Me during a trip to a mountainous region in Italy

Hi! My name is Emily Benson and it’s a pleasure to be the 2020 (remote) Kawanhee History intern! I am from Rochester, NH (about a three-hour drive from Camp Kawanhee) and am approaching my senior year at Dickinson College, majoring in American Studies with a minor in Italian Studies. I love snowshoeing and skiing in the winter and swimming and hiking in the summer! As someone who loves learning about history, I am interested in pursuing museum studies post-graduation. However, for now, I am excited to build upon the incredible work that the previous curators of the Kawanhee History Museum have done before me.

I am saddened I will not be able to spend a summer physically at the camp and experience the “Kawanhee Magic,” but hearing your stories about Kawanhee help to further my Kawanhee knowledge and help me build on the wonderfully rich collection the Kawanhee Archives hold.

If you are interested in participating in an interview about your Kawanhee experience, please do not be afraid to reach out to me at: bensone@dickinson.edu

If you are interested in contributing a special memory from your time at Kawanhee, please consider participating in Life on Record, where you can call and talk about a memory from your time at Kawanhee. Click here for more details!

Finally, if you are interested to see how campers are keeping in touch with Kawanhee traditions (or you are missing Trivia with Mike!) click here to watch some wonderful YouTube videos from the Camp Kawanhee from Home crew!