2021 Curator

Camp Kawanhee History Museum is seeking the Summer Curator for 2020.  This is an 8-week plus paid position (mid-June through mid-August) and includes room and board at the Camp.  Camp runs Sunday, June 27, 2021 to Saturday, August 8, 2021 (official date not available at the moment). We need the curator to show up as early as possible, probably June 11 or 12, and stay through the last day of reunions, Sunday, August 16. The History Museum Curator will divide his/her time between cataloging and organizing the collection and welcoming visitors and conducting oral history interviews. 2020 Curator, Emily Benson, left this message to future applicants and some suggestions for future projects.

2019 Curator, Monica Conary, left this message to future applicants and this, a more general note.

2018 Curator, Macy Davis, left this note to future curators and this more general suggestion to the entire project.

2017 Curator, Eliza Graumlich, created this web site you are now on and you can read her notes to future Curators by clicking here. She also left a list of possible projects that you can read here.


Camp Kawanhee for Boys has been in operation for almost 100 years.  You can read about it on this site and at Kawanhee.com.  The history museum is full of memorabilia.  And, few people have had the time to really research it!  Your challenge is to understand what is in the cabin and then choose topics that you would like to pursue.  The best part is that you are your own boss.  You get to decide what is important, and how to attack it! Click here to view a rough map of the History Cabin!


The successful candidate will be an outgoing self-starter with strong organizational and writing skills. In addition, the successful candidate will enjoy the opportunity to spend the summer in a rustic lake-side, classic summer camp setting in Maine and plan to involve him/herself in the daily life of the Camp (campers range in age from 8 to 17).


Eliza, our 2017 Curator, had web development skills and while enjoying building on this web site is a plus, it is not a requirement.  The History Museum Curator is required to comply with rules and regulations that govern the work of all Camp staff and will need to pass a full background check that is required for all Camp staff. The Curator will report to the Executive Director; a group of volunteers will help to direct the Intern’s daily work. To learn more and/or apply, please email Tom Pears at tompears@hotmail.com. Applications should include a cover letter expressing interest, and a resume.

You should read a more detailed Job Description by clicking here.