Job Description 2022

We have written countless job descriptions for this opening but it seems worthwhile to create another 2022 specific one.

1.The first responsibility is to keep the collection safe and make it as available as possible. Safe of course means protecting it from fire, light, water and “inadvertent” wondering. With 300 alumni returning this year, sharing and still maintaining control will be a challenging balancing act.

2.Again with an eye to the reunion, we will need to bring the web site up to date as much as possible. There are still catalogs and wigwams after 2000 that have not been posted. They need to be scanned and digitally presented. A wonderful side-effect of this activity will be to allow us to understand what we are missing from our collection and drive a real campaign to encourage alumni who have materials we are missing to bring them to the reunion so we can make digital copies.

3.Engage with the alumni before, during and after the event. This is a unique opportunity to gather stories and history. All during the summer we can perfect our game plan for capturing oral and written information so we are as ready as we can be for prime time August 12. We may even be able to gather some material before the actual event.

4.Camper engagement. Lets make at least a first attempt at having campers assigned to history as an activity. We certainly will continue to build on after hours activities. We recognize that with the reunion this may be a bridge too far but lets start out with the idea of executing on an initial experiment.

5.Documenting 2022. We have to get better at collecting pictures and items from this summer and cataloging them with appropriate information. This is a full time job and we have put it at #5!, clearly a strategy for failure. Maybe we can enlist campers here? I guess one way to look at it is that we know it will not get the proper attention in 2022 so lets be sure the time it does receive is as productive as possible.