The Log

Barring the catalog, The Log is thought to be Camp Kawanhee’s oldest publication. Known for its humorous takes on camp events large and small, it has taken form as both published writing and stand up comedy routine. Though it appeared in The Wigwam for decades, it predates this publication by at least a few years. Campbell Scarlet, a Kawanheean of 38 years and the Wigwam’s longtime editor-in-chief, is thought to have been the Log’s founder and first “editor-in-the-wood.” After Scarlet’s retirement, the Log disappeared until its revival by Bill Yardley in 1974. After Yardley’s tenure, Bob Zechiel took over the job. He was followed by Michael Altmaier who carries on the tradition of “unflinching and uproarish humor” to this day. Impressively, Altmaier has only missed three Saturday Log readings since he took over the job in 1987. His motto is, “don’t ruin a good story with the truth!”

The Log featured below is the first ever included in the Wigwam and the oldest Log in our collection. It was published in 1936, in the second issue of Wigwam volume two. Additional Logs are viewable on the Wigwam page. Simply select a Wigwam published in 1936 or later and scroll to the last page to see the Log for that week.