2019 Curator Note

My number one suggestion is making sure individuals are aware that they might have a mix gender pod. I feel like this might come as a surprise to some and although we are all adults, I think it is best that individuals are informed before coming to the Camp.

[Camp Response: Given the yearly fluctuation of male/female staff ratio, it is always possible that we will need to have mix-gender pods in the Barracks. However, it was cruel and unusual punishment to put the new intern as the only female in a male pod and that should not happen again.]

I think it might also be helpful for the next curator to have a point of contact at Camp, Mike was super helpful in answering any of my questions, but when I had logistical or budget questions I was not sure who to turn to and this made it hard at times to progress in some of my projects.

Internet is also something that should be looked into, I never had internet in the Museum which made it extremely difficult at times to get my work done. The internet could also be super slow and the next curator should be warned about this, so they can adjust their plans. I thought it was immensely helpful to go to the camp a couple of days early and settle in. I also thought it was helpful that we remained in constant contact and Tom Pears was available for questions whenever I had any, even if only by email/text.

Projects for the Next Curator:

In my letter to the next curator I mentioned that there are endless possibilities when thinking about projects and what can be done in the museum. This is especially true when factoring in the 100th anniversary and the exciting ideas that individuals could come up with in connection to the event!

I first want to give you a basic list of some of what I accomplished last summer in the hope that it will be helpful when coming up with your own ideas.

●Organized slides into binders by year.
●Organizing photographs in the museum and categorizing them by activity and event.
●Exhibit posters for the Kawanhee Inn – this included a historic timeline, and an informational poster.
●History Kiosk Posters
●History Packet of Range
●Organization of the Wigwams
●Scavenger Hunt for Campers
●Matting Table Exhibits
●Organization of Catalogs.

These are then suggestions for the upcoming summer. This is by no means an exhaustive list and are only suggestions.

●There are still photographs that need to be sorted and archived.
●Level plans for the Museum – so that campers can come and participate in different projects during activity hours and earn points!
●Working on the timeline with Mike, adding or redoing some of the areas that have faded.
●Putting up the posters in the history kiosks – Last year I made new posters for the history kiosks that are around camp, but decided not to insert them into the kiosks because there was only a couple weeks left of camp.
●Organizing the museum – Coming up with a better system and some organization methods that might make finding items in the museum easier.
●Interviews with Alumni – who are visiting for the 100th anniversary
●Reorganize outside cabinet.